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Feeding Sumter Seniors

Established in 1968, Sumter Senior Services began providing numerous services to the growing aging population in Sumter and surrounding areas. Currently, our biggest service that we provide is Meal on Wheels, in which Frozen and Hot Meals are delivered to clients all throughout Sumter and surrounding areas on a daily basis. On a weekly basis we serve upwards of 870 hot meals and 1140 frozen meals to Senior living throughout Sumter County.

Recently, our Board approved a project called Feeding Sumter’s Seniors. This project would allow churches, local business, community organizations, and individual persons in the Sumter and surrounding community to sponsor meals for seniors who are currently on the waiting list to receive meals through our Meals on Wheels program. Due to limited funding, Sumter Senior Services is not able to provide meals for every Senior referred for the program. Currently we have a little over 180 Seniors waiting to receive meals.

The estimated cost of 1 hot meal is $ 6.14, $30.70 for 1 week of meals, $122.80 for 1 month of meals, 245.60 for 2 months of hot meals, and 368.40 for 3 months of hot meals.*

If you and/or your organization would like to sponsor a meal for a Senior in the Sumter Community, please download and fill out this form and return to Sumter Seniors Services at PO Box 832, Sumter, South Carolina 29151.
Elderly woman eating a hot meal

Or you may donate meals online by using the form below:

I am donating to Meals on Wheals
(by checking here, you tell us where your donation will go)

One Hot Meal: $6.14

One Week of Hot Meals: $30.70

One Month of Hot Meals: $122.80

Two Months of Hot Meals: $245.60

Three Months of Hot Meals: $368.40

Months of Hot Meals


*Prices for meals are based on FY 17-18approved budget

Feeding Sumter Seniors Sponsors